Rachael Hope is a 40-something writer, mom, and cinnamon-roll enthusiast living in Washington State. She's your friend who sometimes shares too much, but will also share her fries and dessert with you. When she's not at work, collecting artsy/craftsy hobbies, or at the movies, Rachael writes.

Her life's journey is to contribute to the collective joy of humanity, to cultivate openness and acceptance, and encourage embracing, caring for, and healing the parts of us that have been broken. She strives to help guide people out of darkness and to create kindness, safe spaces, and landing spots for vulnerability and exploration of the human condition. Her quest for knowledge and magic is ongoing, and she is continually seeking knowledge, and propagating an openness towards growth, expansion, and potential.

Rachael's writing focuses on living as a sex-positive person and parent, body acceptance, what it's like living as a rad fatty, polyamory, feminism, social justice, divorce, and more. She writes to connect and strives to constantly jump into hope with abandon.