Get your tropes off my lawn

Ready Player One was one of my favorite books of last year, I listened to the audio book and enjoyed it so much that immediately upon finishing it I couldn't wait for it to be a movie.  We went and saw it last weekend and I enjoyed it.  Well, most of it.  To be honest, I haven't gotten the following line out of my head:

Aech: Z, you gotta be more careful about who you meet out on the OASIS.  I'm serious. She could actually be a 300 pound dude who lives in his momma's basement in suburban Detroit. And her name is Chuck.


Here's the thing.  That's me, there in the picture.  Do I look like a disgusting slob who lives in my mom's basement tricking people on the internet?  Do I look like the worst possible thing you can think of?  Because I am about three small bags of flour away from 300 pounds. 

Last time I went to the doctor, I weighed in at 291.

Does that surprise you?

This is far from the first time I've heard this exact thing, and I am 100% sure it won't be the last.  So how am I supposed to feel in the theater, or on my couch watching TV, or reading a book, when the number I would see on my scale is used as an example of pretty much the worst thing that could happen to a person?  When 300 pounds means unclean, unworthy, unlovable, unimaginable?

Next time you need to describe what someone should be afraid of, wary of, careful of... it would be nice if you didn't use me and hundreds of other normal people like me, as an example.  It's hurtful and disappointing and unrealistic and so many other things.

It's bad enough that I rarely see anyone who looks like me in any type of entertainment.  The fat people I do see are either there to laugh at or to represent how gross fat people are, to make eating jokes about, to fall over and be clumsy, or like on This is Us they are completely obsessed with losing weight.  Can we just be done with the fat-basement-recluse who's hiding behind the internet because no one in their right mind would want to come face to face with such a hideous specimen?