Silent Dance

April 2018 - Rainbow Lodge Retreat Center - Silence Exercise

The sound of the creek, water flowing over stone.  The song of movement, water bringing life to the world.

The sunlight, bright.  After so many months of cumulus filter, now it is pure, warm, and energizing.

New growth is sprouting, leaves unfurling, green and slightly shiny like they have been carefully polished with wax.

The almost symmetrical chalices of tulip blossoms, tall and strong, glow red and yellow, edged in orange.  Inside, the surprise of a dark greenish blue star, soft pistol rises from it's midst.

Muted, thick green leaves spread wide and cradle dew as it imperceptibly heats and rejoins the sky.  Thick stalks sway lazily in a gentle breeze.

The sky is that perfect blue that you almost forget during winter.  Soft white clouds journey lazily across the gaps between the trees.

We are surrounded by pines, older than I can imagine.  Slow your gaze, and take in the fronds hanging from the branches.  They are dancing, slowly, lifted by a barely there current they swing away then back to where they began.

It is quiet, quiet by human terms.  In this peaceful reprieve, the world is still full of life and movement.

We are all part of a dance so much bigger than our voices.