Make Me

Make me your muse.
Make me art.
Draw me, capture me, photograph me,
paint me, paint on me, paint a song inspired by the things we laughed about.
Decorate me and bring your visionary dreams from inside to outside.

Save me from everyday.
Five day weekends end in a sleepless night and a return to
work and computers, paperwork, spreadsheets, phone calls but...

My brain pulses, my heart only wants this one thing,
to fill your soul by becoming your creation.

Have we met?
Did we meet in a Facebook group or
in Doe Bay are you
a singer, a songwriter, a painter or
do your brushstrokes consist of keystrokes and words?
Where are you?
Are you waiting for me?

There is beauty all around me, and
I don't want to watch it,
I don't want to pass it,
I try to create it but
I want to BE it,
I want to drown in it...
I won't drown but begin to breathe it through
gills hungry for those things that light souls on fire.

Please, make me
overtake me
envelop me in the velvet smoothness of
your oeuvre
enmesh my body in your
body of work.

Push me, pull me, sculpt me,
as I inhale the musk of wild-eyed
foundation, formation, the genesis of the things that words can't capture.
Collaboration, imagination,
feed my soul to your soul let
them meet and meld and burn and
be my muse.