Thursday March 19, 2020

Published on Medium today: One Family’s Story Highlights the Gross Mishandling of a Pandemic

In the heart of Washington, an example of how COVID cases in the U.S. are being under-reported and unrecognized.

Eighteen days ago in Bellingham, Washington, things were still normal. 90 miles north of Seattle, our town’s slogan is The City of Subdued Excitement, and we live up to that name. At the end of February, we’d all heard of Coronavirus, but none of us had added Covid-19, shutter in-place, or PCR to our daily vocabularies. To Janet Danielson*, it was a normal Saturday.

On February 29, Janet shopped, took care of her two young children, then met up with some friends for drinks. The bar filled up like it would any Saturday night, and she went to bed content.
The day she started to feel sick, people in Seattle were starting to take notice of this new, unusual virus. Three days later, Janet started to feel sick.

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