Dear Danny,

I cannot believe that you are five years old. Honestly, I am happy we're here. I don't remember four being this hard with Sam and I'm not too broken up about the idea of never living with another four year old again.

On your birthday, I always think about the way you came into this world. You made such an entrance, a story I still delight in telling to those who haven't heard it before. You were born into your Daddy's hands and put straight into your Mommy's hands, and you really haven't wanted to leave since.  Most nights, while we're winding down for bed, you still sit on my lap and cuddle with me. You usually require at least three hugs before I leave you at day care or preschool.

Today I was talking to Nancy, who runs the day care you go to on non-preschool days. and she was talking about how much you've matured since you started there.  It's hard for me to see sometimes, because I am with you day in and day out.  When you grow and change slowly over time, it doesn't hit me until you do something like count to 100 all by yourself or I try to carry you up the stairs and get more out of breath than I used to. But there is definitely a difference in the way you greet me when I come to pick you up, and you're more independent than you used to be. Today I took you to the grocery store and you hid inside clothes racks and ran ahead, peeking out from behind the shelves. You're learning, little by little, to explore a bit away from my side.

I turned in your registration for Kindergarten. I am looking forward to you being in school, because it will be easier for me, sure, but also because I think you are going to absolutely love it. You're so smart, and I really think you are going to thrive there. I think it's going to be nice for you and Sam too, he'll get to help you learn your way, and you'll get to have someone there so it's a little bit less scary.

I don't get to spend as much time with you as I'd like. When I get home from work, I'm tired from working all day and then making you and your brother dinner. But I try to play with you and sit with you. Some days it is hard for me to get up in the morning because I like that time just laying there with you and Sam and cuddling and talking about random things.

You have always been so happy, and you still are, but you are easy to get frustrated. You want to do everything yourself, but you want to do things you can't always manage. It frustrates me sometimes, especially because I can't reason with you, but I know that it will get a little easier as you get older.

Here's to five, little buddy.  Here's to another year of growing, and loving, and laughing, and settling in even further to this little life we've made for ourselves.


Firsts This Year!

First School Play: Your preschool did a little show where you were all animals.  You made a red bird mask.
First Solo B-Day Party: This year you have your own friends and you had your own party!  It was insane, and there were about 15 kids in our house, and you had a great time.


Favorite Book: Elephant & Pig books are a current favorite
Favorite Color: Shiny Red
Favorite Song:  Let It Go from Frozen
Favorite Board Game: Dizios
Favorite Video Game: Minecraft (big time), Animal Jam, Roblox
Favorite TV Show: Regular Show
Favorite YouTubers: DanTDM/The Diamond Minecart
Favorite Food: Pepperoni, Cereal
Favorite Dessert: Cookies or anything chocolate
Favorite Thing to Do Outside the House: Almost anything. You love exploring outside, Rocket Donuts, the Zipline park, Jump Around Fun Zone
Favorite Subject at School: Art
Best Friend: Sawyer & Saga

Birth Story.