A new friend asked me what tattoos I have, and I thought - hey, I like having all of the stories and photos in one place, and I don't have a current gallery anywhere.  So, here they are!  As of May 2015 I have 8 tattoos.  I've been craving some new ink, and have ideas for my next several tattoos, whenever it happens that I have the money.  Maybe I'll start saving up!

2000 (I think). My first, on my right ankle. My Mom also has a flower vine on her ankle, but it's different. I originally was going to get the same one as her, but ended up making my own, mostly because we went on a whim and I didn't have the design.

2003. My second, which I got during my honeymoon in Hawaii, around my right wrist. I wanted something that looked sort of tribal, that would represent Hawaii to me. I also ended up later (see below) with a hibiscus flower, which I believe is the state flower of Hawaii.  And also my very favorite kind of tea.  It's faded a bit now, and I'd like to get it touched up and have some of the points sharpened. I might like to add to it at some point.

The backside of #2.

This is my third, on my left upper arm. I LOVE unicorns. I have an extensive collection with over 200 items in it, including this - extra points if you recognize what this unicorn is from. This was my first tattoo from Janna @ Mothership Connection in Everett.  She does beautiful work and I love how good she is with fine lines and sharp points. She did my 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th tattoos.

My fourth, on my left outer calf. Calla lillies with the same coloring as the ones we had in our wedding.  Oh well.  Still pretty flowers.

My fifth, on my left inner wrist. A trinity knot, which can symbolize many things including father, son and holy spirit; maiden, mother and crone; mind, body and spirit.

My sixth, a purple hibiscus flower on my right upper arm. I was going to get a big purple one and two smaller pink ones off to each side but she ended up having to make it bigger than I originally planned, so we didn't have time for the smaller ones that day. I've changed my plan though, and soon I'm going to get three koi fish swimming around it, one big and two little for me and my boys.

2009. My seventh tattoo. This one hurt the most out of all of them, partially because she was working quickly and partially because she was really concentrating, and because of the long lines. I absolutely love this tattoo. This is a "sister tattoo," as Janna called it, my best friend Brooke has the same tattoo in the same spot on the outside of her right calf. She really likes mermaids and I really like unicorns, so we kind of combined them. It's based on necklaces she bought us one year at the Portland Pirate Festival, and you can read the whole story here.

2014. My eighth and most recent tattoo on the inside of my right wrist.  This one means a lot to me, you can read the full story here.

Hmm.... writing this has made me realize that 1. I want more tattoos really badly and 2. I need to get better photos of a few of these.  I'll be sure to update this when either of those things happens!