Stay Home, Stay Healthy Day 57

It turns out that keeping a journal, or writing at all, during a global pandemic is easier said than done. When you are home the majority of the time, calendars melt like clocks in a Dali painting, and the ticking of the clock becomes nebulous. 

Everything is very strange. I tried to imagine earlier today what I would say to my one-year-ago self about what to expect, and everything sounds so unbelievable. We all believe it now.

You will own 7 face masks, in 3 different styles, and still be considering buying more. Especially once the County Health Department decides to direct people to wear masks indoors and out anytime social distancing can't be maintained. 

Your children will have been in your home, your car, your Mom's house, and their other parents house and nowhere else indoors for over 2 months, and it won't look like it's changing anytime soon.